Drugstore Haul

Drugstores are my weakness. I can’t leave them without buying half of the store! So this happend again two days ago, when I was about to rebuy my concealer, because I used it up. I walked in and left about one hour later with 6 products, including the concealer, in my bag. I’ve already used some of them before but a few were new to me so couldn’t wait to try them.

Well, enough of the story! First of all I picked up my all time favourite concealer, called FITME by Maybelline. I think it’s the best concealer I’ve ever used! Because of my problem with acne I needed a concealer which completely covers the spots. So one day a good friend of mine told me about FITME and that it’s absolutely skin-friendly and I bought and absolutely loved it! It covers my spots pretty good and it doesn’t feel that heavy on the skin. I’m using No.15, which is one of the lightest shades they have in their range, because of my very light, porcelain-like skin. So if you want a concealer that covers quite good and that’s totally light, then I recommend you to try FITME! The second product I bought, is the Garnier moisturizing cream for clean skin. I bought this one for the second time, because I really liked it. The gel texture allows a quick absorbtion into the skin and doesn’t feel too sticky. In my opinion, it has a light scent of cucumber (mum thinks it has not). Anyways, my skin feels a lot better and cleaner after applying the cream. It clearly helps my skin to regenerate itself and to reduce pimples. It’s perfect if your skin is too oily or i f you have combination skin. I also bought cleansing water, which is from Garnier aswell and is from the same series as the moisturizing cream. The cleansing water works with micelles, which works like a kind of magnet, that pulls out the dirt right out of your skin, prevents new impurities and removes excess sebum. It comes without parfum which is good for too oily and very sensitive skintypes. It also works as make up remover and removes it without any leftovers. Your skin turns a bit red after applying but it also feels clean and soft. This is not my last product of Garnier’s clean skin series! Based on my skintype and acne I bought a BB cream by MANHATTAN clearface. I’ve never used BB creams before because I thought it’s not that good for my skin, but now, there a lot of BB creams made for sensitive skintypes. But this product was completely worth it! It’s a light product and it feels like you’re not wearing any Makeup! It covers my spots pretty good and matches my skin tone perfectly. Here, I do need the lightest shade aswell. For those who heard from BB creams for the first time here is a short explanation by Wikipedia 😉 „BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage.“ Well, that sums it up. Another product I can call my own is the style lip laquer by ASTOR. I needed a good lip gloss, that isn’t too sticky and can be used at school, which means it has to be a natural shade. So one day,  I’ve seen the Astor commercial on TV and it was love at first sight! (Also Heidi Klum was absolutely amazing! She’s such a stunning woman!) and as if I had not enough luck yet I found the perfect shade, I was looking for. I took the lip laquer in the shade No. 110, also called „Delicious Style“. Back in the car I put it on immediately and it felt amazing on the lips! Keep using this one in future aswell. It also has a noble design, which makes it look like an valuable but is actually affordable and for everybody  .Last but not least I went back into the store after I bought the other products and left with another amazing thing. It’s a lip balm from NEUTROGENA. Wintertime dried out my lips and they were chapped and burned, so I was looking for a lip balm, which repairs my lips, so they feel silky and soft again. I chose the one, that contains Nordic Berry. It’s a very popular berry in Norway and they use them for a lot of Beauty products. I used the lip balm constantly and I  felt a difference after three days already! I absolutely love this lip balm and it’s definitely one of my favourite products at the moment, because it keeps the promise and repairs your lips after less than a week.

SO, that’s basically it! On the pictures below you can see everything I talked about and maybe could inspired you to try one of these products.

I hope you enjoyed reading. XOXO





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