Happy Birthday Edition by ESSIE nail polish

Nail polish. Every girl loves and wears it. I also can’t get enough of nail polish, especially Essie is my fave! I can call over 10 different polishes only by Essie, my own (of course I have a lot more from different brands 😉 ). Recently, I got my hands on a special edition, which one of our friends, who happened to visit me and my parents, bought me as a present. It’s called HAPPY BIRTHDAY and contains three real-sized nail polishes. I really don’t know if the set is still available but I think you can still buy them separately in your local drugstore. As Essie nail polishes aren’t that expensive (around 8€ per bottle) you can gain more than one at one go. They are also long lasting and dry quickly! By putting top coat on top of the colour, the colour lasts one to two weeks without breaking away. Essie is also famous for it’s crazy names of the colours, which I just adore! Sometimes I buy something from Essie only because I like the name of it 😀 Anyway, I really fell in love with these colours. As they’re pretty bright colours, they’re perfect for the upcoming summer! I love wearing them, because when it comes to my nails I love bright and colourful polishes, especially for spring and summer. I only can recommend those colours and in the details below you can see why I’m so in love!

Attachment 1

Here you can see the whole package. I thought it was kinda cute, because of the little bow one the side. Furthermore the colours fit perfectly together, which let the product appear more harmonious. Well, enough about the package. Let’s talk about the colours in detail!

Attachment 2

This one is called haute in the heat and is a bright red-pink colour. I think it has a bit of the colour of raspberries, which I absolutely love! The colour is perfect to pimp a natural look. In summer when we have tanned skin, this colour is perfect but it also works with pale skin as it’s a colour that fits with literally everything.

Attachment 4

This bright pink one is called too taboo. It always reminds me of Barbie as it’s so bright and pink but it’s also the perfect colour for summer. I was wearing this one recently on my toenails and it looked super cute in my beige sandals! This colour makes your summer more girly than before and it makes you whet your appetite for a lot of colourful sweets, doesn’t it? 😉

Attachment 3

This one is my absolutely favourite of the three of them: It’s called roarrrrange (makes me always sing ‚Roar‘ by Katy Perry 😀 ) and it’s a bright orange one. I never tried orange on my nails, as I thought it may look weird but I was proved wrong. Now, I don’t want to wear another colour this summer! It looks super fresh and different but pretty good.This colour combined with tanned skin creates the perfect summer look and you will be ready to take over the beach parties!

Well, I hope you liked reading this post and feel free to try new things out of your comfort zone! Go crazy with your nails 🙂 Please, let me know if you like me doing reviews. Also feel free to tweet me or get in touch with me 🙂

All the love,



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