Midi ’n‘ Maxi

Hi Guys!

Well, I guess summer’s arrived nearly in all places around the world. That means we can wear skirts and dresses without any tights for the next few months! Last year, I was more in shorts than skirts and stuff but this year, I can’t stop wearing skirts and dresses. As the title says: it’s all about midi skirts and maxi dresses! So I got my hands on two pieces, which are currently my ultimate summer faves for this year.

  Attachment 2 - Kopie

The first one is a beautiful midi skirt from Zara. First of all, I wasn’t sure about buying it but in the end I couldn’t be happier that my friend convinced me to finally buy it! The skirt shines in a really nice  pearl white, which is perfect for hot summer days as it doesn’t heat up as quickly as dark clothes. Combined with a coloured blouse it’s a feminine and summery look during the day. In my opinion it looks a bit like an outift, women would wear in France and since I’m going to Paris in July this skirt already has a fixed place in my suitcase! The pattern of the skirt looks quite cute as well as it is a lovely embroidery pattern. The price is quite good (50€) as Zara has pieces with high quality for which the price is still not too high but affortable .

Attachment 1 - Kopie

The second piece is a maxi dress from C&A. It has an aztec pattern on it and one slash on each site, which makes it really light. The colours are mostly neutral (brown,black and white). I really like it, because it fits my dark brown hair and it also makes a slight figure because of the straight-cut part underneath the elastic band around your hips and the loosly falling part above. The material feels like the one which is used for tshirts, but I think it’s good because it isn’t too sticky and very flattery. I wore it with my chucks as I wanted to give the whole outift an edgy touch but cute sandals would also look pretty nice with it. The dress costed around 20€, which is absolutely okay, I think.

On the pictures below you can see some close-ups of the things.

Attachment 4  Attachment 3  Attachment 2  Attachment 1

So, I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Let me know what your summer faves are or if you like the midi and maxi trend as much as I do. Tweet me or leave a comment!

All the love,


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