What’s in my Makeup Bag

Every girl has her own little make up bag „to go“, that goes along with her all day. It contains all the things you need for refreshing your makeup, reapplying your lipstick and so on. As I got my hands on a new, absolutely gorgeous makeup bag (imagine me jumping for joy) I decided to do a „What’s in my Makeup Bag“ for you guys, so you can see what I carry with me, when I’m at school or in the city. Enjoy reading 😉


So that’s my little cutie I was talking about. As you can see it’s a Ted Baker bag, but not the classic one with a bow. It’s medium size, which is perfect as it fits in every handbag and has enough space for all my products. The flowery look of this bag makes it really cute and feminine. I absolutely love this bag and the fact that I got it when it was on sale makes me loving it even more! Ted Baker is one of my favourite brands! I nearly love everything there. Especially their bags and purses are my absolute weakness (maybe I need to get my hands on more Ted Baker stuff…the world may never know 😉 )

Well, enough of the lovely packaging. Let’s talk about the content!


The first thing I’m gonna talk about is my Balea hand cream called „Fruity Harmony“. It smells of Pitaya and Coconut and this combination is just perfect! You could say I’m totally addicted. (Even my maths teacher liked the smell of it when I was using it during class 😀 ). It also keeps my hands well hydrated as it’s for dry skin and my hands have never been that soft! It’s formula is amazing and it never feels sticky on my hands. I really recommend this hand cream as I absolutely fell for it and I know that it will be my No.1 hand cream for a long time!

The next product is my Garnier mineral Ultradry 48h deo roller. I already use the same one as deodorant at home for a long time and so I said to my tiny little self inside, that I need this for my Makeup bag as well. It has the perfect size to fit in my bag and keeps me fresh all day. I know , a lot of deodorants and rollers promise to save you from the smell of sweat but this one really keeps it’s promise! If tried a lot of brands and deodorants but this one is my all time favourite for every situation because of its super fresh smell and the fact that it refreshes me within seconds. Also the fact that it lasts 48h is true!

My Burt’s Bees lip balm is the youngest member of my „To Go“ Makeup range, but it has made it’s way into my heart within seconds after using it on my lips for the first time. It’s made of real bee wax and the scent of peppermint and is all natural. It also contains Vitamine E. I think it’s very important to have a lip balm that’s made of natural ingredients, because in my opinion it’s better for your lips and healthier as a combination of several chemicals. When using it on your lips they may tickle a bit and feel cold, which is caused by the peppermint. I think it feels different compared to other lip balms but I kinda like it as I’m a huge peppermint lover in general. It also feels like it’s repairing your lips right after applying it. I’ve seen it a lot on other blogger’s websites and must say they’re right in what they said about it. So, you can tell by that, that I’m very happy that I got my hands on this.

A product I’ve been using since years is the Sagrotan Healthy Touch disinfection gel with the scent of camomile. When it comes to my hands I’m a clean freak. I think hands are the first part people are looking at and I’m sure you would rather shake soft and clean hands instead of scruffy ones, as well. That’s why I always carry that cleansing gel with me. It removes nearly all bacteria from your hands and leaves a nice, flowery smell (this post is all about nice and flowery stuff, recently). I like it because it makes my hands feel soft and clean, immediately. It also absorbed a lot faster than other gels I’ve tried. Definitely a must-have in my Makeup bag.

Another must-have, I need to have with me all day is my & other stories lipstick in „Farandine Red“. It’s a beautiful, strong red, but is brighter than my other red lipsticks. It’s texture is smooth and doesn’t dry out my lips, which I think is important when it comes to lipsticks. It also lasts very long and doesn’t lose any colour during the day. I keep this with me all day, because I’m obsessed with red lipstick and you never know what the day brings or if you need a little bit of colour to pimp up your Makeup for a spontaneous night out.

The next product I have in my Makeup bag is the Astor style lip laquer No.110 „Delicious Style“. I already had this one in my drugstore haul post back in March ( you can read that post here). This one is my one and only lipgloss for the day. I love the colour which is a shiny, rose shade. I think everybody of you knows Blair Waldorf (actor: Leighton Meester)…in my opinion, after applying this lipgloss you will have Blair’s lips! It makes your lips look fuller and doesn’t give you the uncomfortable feeling of the lips sticking together. It’s also a long lasting lipgloss and so easy to apply, even without a mirror. It feels pretty good on the lips, just not like other lipglosses. It feels lighter and it’s neutral shade makes this lipgloss perfect for school or work, when I’m not feeling like having bright colours on my lips.

My daily saver and absolute favourite piece at the moment (I’m OBSESSED!) is the Prime and Fine mattifying powder by Catrice Cosmetics. Kim, a very good friend of mine (you can watch her blog here) told me about this powder and made me buy it. I must say, she was absolutely right! This powder is amazing! It’s a transparent powder, what means that it’s not adding any colour to your face. The mattifying effect works perfectly and my face stays matte all day by one time applying it. This one is available as loose or pressed powder. I went for the pressed one as I’m more in pressed powders than in loose ones, but they both work the same. I always carry this one with me, because especially now, in summer my face gets shiny very quickly and I need to give it an extra layer to stay matte, but then it lasts for hours! All in all, I only can recommend to buy  this one.

I also have a mini dish of Nivea cream. I got this one as a present at the pharmacy as Nivea celebrated their anniversary a while ago. I’m a huge fan of Nivea products (also own the soft cream, body lotion etc.) but the classic cream will stay the best. I always use it, when I find dry parts such as the elbows and so on. I like the texture of it and the smell. It always reminds me of my childhood as my mother often used Nivea’s day and night cream. So does she today! Sometimes, when I sleep spontanously at my friend’s flat I always use a tiny bit of the cream for my face (mostly the soft one as the classic one is sometimes a bit too sticky for the face) in the morning, so it can stay hydrated and looks fresher.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…my mirror, which I got at Camden Market in London has a fixed place in my bag. This one is handmade and I really love the look! The butterfly looks really nice and the flowery pattern (again it’s all about flowers) is just so cute! If you will be in London someday, go to Camden Market and look at all those handmade things. They’re just amazing!

Another thing is my tiny little brush from The Body Shop. At first, my friend and me bought it for fun but then I began to love it as it really is a good brush, even though it’s so small. The size is perfect for any bag and is really enough to put your hair back in shape.

Grips and bands are important as well. I like to use the Invisibobbles as I have a lot of very thick hair and they just hold it in place without getting ripped. It also causes no headache, which I always get, when I use other bands. I just really like them! But there’s one thing that I need to criticize…they lose their shape very fast. Maybe it’s just my hair but they become loose and I need to wrap them around my hair a million times to get a ponytail, that stays in place all day.

So that’s basically it! After preparing this post I decided to buy a mascara that I can add to my bag for refreshing my Makeup during the day. I went for the „I love long lashes“ mascara by Essence. It’s my first time buying it and I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Have you tried this one already out? Please let me know in the comments or tweet me!

Here you have a close up of my lipgloss, lipstick and mirror as you can’t see them properly in the first picture.

What's in my makeup bag Mirror

Anyway, I hope you liked this week’s post and maybe you can tell me what’s in your Makeup bag! Do you know any products, which I need to add to my bag? Feel free to get in touch with me. Twitter, Email etc. You can text me where ever you want 🙂

All the love,


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