My ASOS wishlist

Addicted to ASOS! I can’t live one day without checking the latest things or the sale section at ASOS. It’s one of my favourite places to browse, shop and fall in love with amazing clothes, accessories and a lot more! ASOS offers you tons of things from different brands such as River Island, New Look, Jack Wills and much more. They stock literally everything! You can spend hours on their website and you still would find new things. They also always have a sale on with up to 70% off and a collection of things based on a certain topic. At the moment they have a big collection based on Festival Season. You can find there flower crowns, neon colours for your hair, crop tops and much more! I love this section a lot at the moment as I’m a huge fan of festivals (still need to go to COACHELLA one day!). ASOS also has their own brand, which offers really nice things( they are So beautiful!). You’re always up-to-date when it comes to music, stars and so on because ASOS likes to inform the people about the latest trends in other areas as well. So, I think I’m not the only one who loves ASOS that much and I know that your wishlist aren’t much shorter than mine. To keep you inspired I wanted to share my ASOS wishlist with you guys! There are a lot more things to be honest but if I would take everything I want from ASOS, this blogpos would be endless! So I picked my Top 10 of my wishlist to show you the pieces I want the most. I really fell for the absolutely stunning jumpsuit to be honest! It’s my No.1! Below the pictures I have added the links to the pieces so you can shop the things right away!

asos 1
White Body by ASOS
asos 2
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans by ASOS
asos 3
White Bag by ASOS
asos 4
Bracelet by Love Rocks
asos 5
Trenchcoat by Warehouse
asos 6
Ripped Black Skinny Jeans by ASOS tall
asos 7
Clutch by River Island
asos 8
Sunglasses by ASOS
asos 9
Jeans Skirt by ASOS petite
asos 10
Jumpsuit by ASOS

I hope you liked this week’s post! What are your favourites from ASOS? Would like to hear from you what you like abou the platform!

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