Favourites: Brands Edition

I wanted to do this post a long time ago, as I’m a huge lover of these brands for a while now but I wanted to share my love with you before it is too late (dramatic blogger over here!). I love to browse through the range of brands, I like the most. Somtimes I find things and they immediately turn into my absolute must-haves, so I need to get my hands on them ASAP! Today it’s all about Longchamp, Ted Baker and Nike. These brands are my Top 3 of my all time favourites and I want to share with you what I like about them the most and my current favourite pieces. Enjoy reading!

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The first brand is Longchamp. Longchamp is a french brand founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. The headquarters are located in Paris, the fashion capital No.1! Longchamp is known for their unique handbags made of leather or canvas, travel items and fashion accessories. What I like about the bags is their straight pattern. They can be added to every outfit because of their timeless look. Also the variety of colours they offer makes it easy to pick the perfect bag. I picked four bags I would like to call my own.

The first one is a black leather bag with neonpink seams called Le Pliage Héritage Néon. I think it has a little rocky touch because of the pink seams and I would wear it with a slightly rocky outfit like a white blouse combined with a vintage leather jacket and boots.

The second one is also a bag from the Le Pliage collection designed by the artist Sarah Morris. Longchamp has asked Morris to design a new version of the bag in celebration of the 20th birthday of Le Pliage. The result is just amazing! Morris has chosen new bright coulours and let the handholds and loop on top of the bag black. The one that caught my eye was the one of the darker colours: Grey with black handholds. I liked the metallic look of this bag a lot and it’s combinable with every outfit as it has black in it. I would choose a classic outfit in sober colours and the handbag as the ultimate eyecatcher.

The last two ones are weekender bags which I’m obsessed with at the moment. The orange one is called Le Foulonné. One of my friends told me about this one as she has seen it in one of the last episodes of „Gossip Girl“, when Serena van der Woodsen is about to leave the country with the whole Foulonné collection carrying her stuff. When I got to this episode and saw the bag with my own eyes I fell in love straight away! The colour makes the bag look fresh and modern but still classic with the typical Longchamp pattern. I simply love this bag and wouldn’t mind to  go on a trip with this one as my handbag carrying my things. Good choice, Serena! The last one is the Le Pliage travelbag sized L. It’s the classic Longchamp bag in red and I think the colour is just amazing! Need this one for my Paris trip in 2 weeks! It’s big enough to use it for a weekend out or as handluggage for a long-distance flight.

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 As you may already know I’m obsessed with Ted Baker! Recently, I got my hands on a beautiful Makeup bag from their collection, which I mentioned in my „What’s in my Makeup bag?“ post, two weeks ago (You can watch it here). Ted Baker is a luxury clothing retail company founded in Glasgow in the year 1988 and is now led by CEO Ray Kelvin. It’s also listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index (A capitalisation-weighted index consisting of the 101st to the 350th largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange). As you can see Ted Baker is a huuuge company with an almost bigger range of clothing and accessories. The following things are the ones who catched my eyes immediately.

One of the pieces is the LOVCON shopper bag. It’s a white plastic shopper with the words „Love…Ted“ on it. I really like it, because it’s not a classic shopper bag and it’s very tough, so it can’t be damaged as fast as other bags. The look is plain as it’s only white with the words on it and you can combine it easily. It’s a Yes from me!

The next thing I chose are those super nice leather ankle boots called LORCA. I was always on the hunt for plain black ankle boots with a wedge heel. I think those would look nice with a ripped boyfriend Jeans, a olive green blouse and a statement necklace. As they don’t have any pattern on them, they nearly fit every outfit. Huge LIKE!

I also found this beautiful coat called IILA. I know it’s summer and my friends would kill me if I would buy a coat at the end of June but LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! It’s a plain beige coat without any embellishments and straight patterns. It’s also knee-long, which I really appreciate. I’ve always been a trenchcoat girl but this coat clearly changes my mind! Absolute MUST HAVE!

Ted Baker also offers super cute jumpsuits and I found two, jump- and playsuit, which I absolutely adore! The first one is the INDYA jumpsuit in black and white with embellishments around the neck. I picture myself wearing it to Prom as I’m going to graduate next year and I’m already looking for what I could wear. It’s an elegant jumpsuit, perfect for a Gala or a wedding and so on. The second one is a olive green playsuit. I’m dying for this colour as it’s my favourite colour at the moment (makes me wann have some olives right now…)! This one seems to be very light, which is perfect for a hot summer, but still has an elegant touch. It sums up the important parts of the sportiness of a one piece and the elegance of a dress. I just love it and would wear it with the ankle boots I’ve mentioned before. That would totally be my style, to be honest!

I also chose two really beautiful dresses, as I totally love them! The first one is a midi dress called KARLI. It’s split  up in two parts, the upper one ends around the hips and looks like a plain black, sleeveless shirt. From the hips, the skirt falls down till it reaches the middle of the calves. It’s held in a creamy white and has silver, glittery applications. It’s a very elegant dress and I also would wear this to Prom or to the lending out of my A Levels next year. It’s also perfect, when you’re invited to a Gala or something. It’s wedding season, so may you can wear it on a wedding as well. The second beauty is a shorter dress. It’s a babyblue dress with an extra layer over the upper body. The layer is made of lace and is very lose, while the dress is more slim. I haven’t found it on the website anymore but there’s a similar one called IRIA. The company has so many different dresses, that it is really hard to choose a favourite.

Back to the bags. I found a plain white shopper with a second bag in it and under the grid in the front of the bag, you can see a citrus coloured second layer. It’s called LUCIEE and is made of leather. It’s my absolute favourite for summer season, as it looks so fresh and bright. Perfect for vacation at the beach.

The last favourite thing from Ted Baker is a small, black backpack called MAIBEL. I was always looking for the perfect leather backpack and Ted Baker had it! It hasn’t too much applications on it, what I really appreciate, because I wanted a black, classic backpack. It fits very outfit and can be combined easily.

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Nike. Everbody loves Nike! It’s the sports brand No.1 next to Adidas and Reebok and gets bigger and bigger. Their Air Max and Free collections are the most popular ones and nearly everyone I know has at least one pair. But Nike has more to offer than Sportswear. It also offers Sportapps such as Nike Running +, which I absolutely adore! Nike was originally founded as „Blue Ribbon Sports“ in the United States in 1964, but in 1971 it got on the market as Nike. The headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon. I’m a huge Nike fan, because they really made their way from normal sportsclothes to a fashionable, sportive range of sportswear, which you can wear during the day or even on a night out! Nike isn’t a company for sports only, anymore. It’s pieces are a statement and that’s why I love to browse through their website or the stores. Here you can see my current Nike favourites.

First of all I found tights, which I think were amazing. They’re called Forevergradient. Those tights are slim fit, but still let your skin breathe. They are perfect for runners! The design is the thing what I liked the most. It’s like a ombré look for your legs! It goes from pink to blue to black and just looks amazing. I really like the tights from Nike, because they fit every body type and the textile is tough and elastic.

The next one is a crop top called Track & Field Mesh Cropped. As the name says it’s from the new Track & Field collection and comes in four different colours. It’s a mesh top, which is completely breathable. I liked the white one with the bright coloured writing on it. I prefer mesh tops for my workout, as I’m not a fan of wearing casual shirts during sport, because my skin gets irritated, when I’m sweating in them.

Next one is another shirt, but in this case it’s a tank top called Signal. It is a black tank top with the logo of Nike on it. It’s very simple in design and on the back is a small string holding it together. On the sides, it is low-cut, what makes the shirt very light. You could also wear it on the street or to school with a bandeau or another top.

The last thing is a shoe, I’m sure everybody knows. It’s the Air Max Thea in white. I already have one pair of Nike Free 5.0 but they are bright pink, so I can’t wear them to every outfit. So that’s why I was looking for a Nike shoe that fits every outfit. This time I’m not going for black but for white. I like the design of this one and together with the white colour it gets a timeless look. Need those shoes!

So that’s it! I hope you liked reading this week’s post! Please let me know in the comments what you think about these brands or what brands you like. You can also tweet me (@ ist_sandrax3)!

All the love,


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