Festivals I want to go to!

It’s festival season!! The feeling when you’re dancing to your favourite artists all day and the countless outfits with feathers, hats and neon colour is what I call summer. I LOVE festivals! It’s amazing to have a weekend full of music and camping fun with your bestest friends around you. I went to a few festivals in the past years and I must say: I can’t get enough! The most amazing thing about them are the outfits! Festival Fashion is one of my favourite styles, as you can look as crazy as you want without being judged. Also neon colours in your face or hair is a must have for music festivals. As I’m constantly following the latest festival styles and trends on twitter, I’ve found amazing Makeup ideas throughout the time, which are unbelievable! But back to the main topic: FESTIVALS! I’ve heard from a lot of festivals over the past years and 5 different ones made their way onto my To-Do-list, as I had no opportunity to visit them in the last years. So I wanted to share my Top 5 Festivals, which I need to visit before I’m not longer be able to. Enjoy!

Festival No.1: COACHELLA

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I think everybody has heard from Coachella from time to time and I’m sure everybody wants to go there someday! (Do not lie to me!) Coachella is a indie, rock and hip hop festival located in the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. It’s known for their super famous visitors such as Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner. Coachella has them all: From AC/DC over Eminem to Paul McCartney. These are only a few names and makes us see how big this festival is! Definitely No.1 on my festival list!




. A place of fantasy that even has it’s own currency. It’s one of the biggest electro festival, opening their doors in Belgium. It’s like a little world, once you take a step inside! There are rollercoasters, actors who are dressed like fairies and the most famous DJs you can imagine! Just to name a few: David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia! But it’s so hard to get tickets, because they are sold within the first 5 minutes! Still one of my definitely-have-to-do-this-things 🙂

Festival No.3: V FESTIVAL


V Festival
is a smaller one taking place in two locations: Hylands Park and Weston Park. This festival exists since 1996 and is still very famous and well visited! The line ups are always mixed up a bit as there are artists like Rita Ora, Sam Smith and so on. It’s also not that expensive and you can have loads of fun with your friends during your stay in one of the tents! In my opinion camping is a inherent part of festivals. There’s no way to stay at home or a hotel!

Festival No.4: WIRELESS



happened only a few days ago and I couldn’t help but following the tweets and instagram pictures during the whole weekend. My idol and favourite blogger of all time Danielle Peazer (you can watch her blog here) joined the Wireless crowd and looked AMAZING in her three outfits! Wireless takes place in London and is known as one of the largest music festivals in England. Last weekend’s line up was perfect! There was Drake and Major Lazer and the fabulous NICKI MINAJ!! So jealous of the crowd that they had the opportunity to see her! Wireless makes everything possible.

Festival No. 5: GLASTONBURY


Last but not least: Glastonbury. We don’t leave England with this festival (seems like England is the master of festivals) which took place in Pilton, Somerset. It’s a five-day festival, which over 175,000 people attend every year. It’s inspired by hippie counterculture and free festival and does not only host music acts but circus shows, comedy, dance and so on. It also happened not long ago and everybody went crazy about it! So am I! I think I need to go on a festival holiday to England 🙂

Well, that’s it! I hope you liked reading and please let me know in the comments or over twitter what you think about it. What’s your favourite festival or do you want to go to one of my faves as well? Tell me and feel free to get in touch with me!

All the love,


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