My week in pictures

As my last week was pretty exciting, I decided to write about it. First of all for you guys to get to know me a little better through what I’m doing from day to day when I’m not blogging and to let you see how I live and maybe giving you some inspiration for your daily routine. I saw this post on other blogs already and I thought it would be perfect for me as I love to take pictures all day! So enough talking…let’s start with my week!


Monday was pure hectic! My parents were on holidays in Portugal for two weeks and should’ve picked them up from the airport. They should’ve arrived on sunday….then I got the call from my mum that they would fly back on Monday, because of a problem with the plane. Well, as the super lovely daughter I am, I stood up at 5 AM to make some breakfast for them and pick them up from the airport. I also made a coconut cake as surprise, which I already posted on Twitter. They were so happy to be finally home! Later on I needed to do some work for school, as I need to write a seminar paper for my last year in school next year before the finals. (Already too excited!!). So I had to prepare a presentation of the previous  results I have till Wednesday. My topic is the Using of Emoticons in the german chatting language and if it causes a decline of speech. It’s super interesting as it’s a topic that is well discussed these days. The presentation went very good and the people in my class said it was the best presentation this day! (Soooo proud!!)


This day wasn’t as full of suspense as Monday but still good! I had school till 10 AM only, because of the hpt weather. I went to work after school as usual and it was just too hot! I couldn’t even focus on my lunch! I wasn’t the only one in the company who had this opinion and it was soo funnny to hear screams from everywhere like „It’s so hot in here“ or „Can I go home?!“. Later that day I kept working on my presentation.



After managing my presentation in school, I needed to go to the copy shop to pick up my questionnaires for my seminar paper. I worked the whole day on it to count them and give it to the right class. There were 410 of them and I was more than happy to finish counting! 



It was my dad’s birthday this day and after dance class of mine we went out for dinner. It was just the local restaurant in our little village but it was amazing!! The three of us, Dad, Mum and Me, had a blast and didn’t return home before 1 AM. As my dad is a huge BBQ fan I got him a big book about making different sauces and marinades. He loved it!!



This day was fun! I had a staff outing with the company I’m working for when I’m not at school and we went carting! It was so cool! My mum was there as well, because she’s in the same company. Everybody wanted a family duel and as my mum and me made it to the final race, they had loads of fun watching us instead of looking for the winner of the race. I won the family duel! I was six places before her and the second best woman in the whole race! This was a good day.


Saturday was quite boring….it was all about packing my suitcase for Paris and it was completely chaotic as always! I really had no idea what to wear in Paris but then everything got better and I was out to a party! It was amazing but I was so tired on Sunday, as I haven’t had slept for the whole night…


Sunday started too early! I had to get up at 4:30 AM, because the TGV to Paris left at 6:30 AM and we had to drive to the station…as I said before I haven’t slept all night and I was so done during the drive to Paris. But I was so happy when I got there, because Paris is amazing!! Gonna post about my trip to Paris soon, so you can see how beautiful it is!
So that’s it for this week! I hope you liked my week and my pictures! Please let me know in the comments or via Twitter!

All the love,


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